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During a 45-minute Neurofeedback session, sensors are attached to the scalp, with EEG paste, which detects brain waves. It is a painless procedure and does not involve the application of any voltage or current to the brain. It is entirely non-invasive. The Neurofeedback clinician observes the brain in action from moment to moment by monitoring brain waves and rewards shifts towards more appropriate and stable brain states. The client simply engages in a video game that responds to the client’s brain waves. When the brain is meeting the parameters set by the clinician, the video game moves (the reward or feedback).
Neurofeedback is not a cure for ailments; rather it enhances the stability of the brain and thus improves functioning through brain self-regulation. During this process many symptoms are alleviated.
Once the brain learns a new way of functioning it continues to function this way. The brain is always working (even while you are sleeping) so it gets practice 24 hours a day functioning in its new way!
Note, if a person suffers a physical or major emotional trauma, it may trigger the brain to its old way of functioning. This person might need a few refresher sessions.
The initial evaluation session is 1 1/2 hours and consists of an extensive personal interview of symptoms and goals. The client will also get a trial session to get a feel for what training sessions will be like. If necessary, the client will complete a continuous performance test, CPT, called a QIK test. This helps measure attention and impulse control. Cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted forms of payment.
It is suggested clients do at least two sessions per week. Some clients choose to do one session a day, Monday through Friday. This does not lend to better results but will help reach desired results faster.
It is recommended to think of Neurofeedback training in 10 session blocks. For the simplest of dysfunctions this is what it takes for the brain to learn its new function. Often migraine sufferers need 30 sessions and ADD/ADHD sufferers need 40 sessions. Each individual is so uniquely different it is hard to tell exactly how many sessions will be needed for permanent change in the brain.
Each session is 45 minutes which includes a review of symptoms, sensor placements, and 30 minutes of brain training.
At Balanced Transformations we use Cygnet, the latest neurofeedback technology available today. Clients will enjoy training their brain to the movies of their choice or playing the industries’ leading games by Somatic Vision including Dual Drive Extreme, Roller Ball, Inner Tube, Particle Editor, Hyper Pong, and Toy Train Adventure.
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